Finnish Craft Cider Producer

Finland is a great country in many ways. One of its goodies: Its apples. Our apples grow at Tammiluodon Puutarha – a breathtakingly beautiful place and an outstanding one to grow apples for our genuine craft cider: Nude Cider.   



Importer for Austrian wine

We are specialized in importing quality wines from Austria. We know the wine regions well and dig out the hidden gems. We source wines from small Austrian producers who take quality to heart and want to make their products available in Finland.

Nude Cider

We believe in a natural way of making cider that does not spoil the greatness of the Finnish apple, and gives you the purest, most natural cider taste. We work like a vineyard by growing apple varieties with different taste and acidity. We blend them together to create a full taste of apple aroma - we use 100% fermented apple juice. No added flavour enhancers, water or sugar because we’re cider makers – not chemists. We like our cider ‘nude’.

Nude Liqueur