Nude Cider

We believe in a natural way of making cider that does not spoil the greatness of the Finnish apple, and gives you the purest, most natural cider taste. We work like a vineyard by growing apple varieties with different taste and acidity. We blend them together to create a full taste of apple aroma - we use 100% fermented apple juice. No added flavour enhancers, water or sugar because we’re cider makers – not chemists. We like our cider ‘nude’.

Nude Cider "Sparkling"

Vintage 2017: golden-yellow, acidic, aromatic, apple notes, well-balanced

Ingredients: 100% apple juice

Process: Slightly carbonated, unpasteurized, spontaneously fermented, no added water or sugar, no manipulation, no chemicals, coarse filtered

Allergens: Contains a minimum amount of sulphite

Alcohol: 5% vol

Bottle size: 0.33l

Produced in the Archipelago near Parainen, Finland